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Watermark Client

Watermark Client lets users across your organization easily capture, file, search, view, annotate, route, and manage all types of documents.
The Watermark Client Software consists of Watermark Explorer and Watermark Workspace applications. Watermark's Explorer module allows you to view and browse documents, document types, folders, and queues stored on any Watermark service. To aid users familiar with Microsoft Windows, Explorer operates in a similar fashion, even allowing users to drag and drop documents from Windows Explorer into a Watermark folder.

Watermark Explorer allows administrators to create and manage folders, document types and queues. Watermark Explorer also includes powerful security for all of your folders, documents, document types, and queues stored on your Watermark Service.

Administrators can control who can create documents and document types, who can view documents, who can alter documents, and who can control security based on user profiles and groups created in Windows NT.

Watermark's Client software is tightly integrated with the Watermark Image Server. The Watermark Server allows you to deploy document-imaging applications in a client/server environment. The server software is based on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.

With Watermark Client, managing your work-and your documents-has never been easier.

Putting Documents To Works