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The Service Bureau

Open Technology Group would like to recognize our Service Bureau employees for the outstanding work that they do on a daily basis. Open Technology Group's Service Bureau in Winter Park, Florida aids our clients in the backfile conversion of hard copy paper, microfilm/microfiche, and engineering drawings to electronic format. Our Service Bureau is one of the few firms to have developed a proven method for handling millions of our customer's documents in an organized and efficient manner. Typically our Service Bureau employees utilize a five-stage process to convert documents from paper to electronic format. In the Document Preparation stage, our technicians carefully sort documents, removing any staples, paper clips, etc., and otherwise organize documents to be scanned. During the scanning stage another team of technicians feed paper documents into one of our high-speed scanners while observing the process to ensure that all documents are scanned correctly. After scanning a third team indexes the document based on how our clients would like to retrieve their documents later on. A fourth crucial stage involves quality assurance to ensure that all documents are scanned correctly and in the proper order, and that the indexing has been done properly. Only after all of these stages have been properly completed can the Service Bureau manager create a CD containing for our customer containing all of their documents. Our trained technicians tirelessly work to ensure that our client's documents are completed on time and within budget. Thank you to all of our Service Bureau employees for all of your effort and dedication.
Putting Documents To Works