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FileNET & Open Technology Group:
Partnering for the Future!
ocated in Costa Mesa, California, the FileNET Corporation is a proven leader in delivering integrated document management (IDM) software for corporate and government organizations. With FileNET's technology, you can capture and manage millions of documents and make them readily available to the people who need them. More importantly, FileNET software enables you to develop much more efficient ways of utilizing this information that can make you more competitive in the fast-paced global marketplace. FileNET helps your employees work smarter to get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. FileNET software solutions are Web-ready and deliver easy-to-use, integrated document management capabilities for electronic document management, imaging, workflow, and computer output to laser disk (COLD). These tools can help you achieve significant cost savings and business process productivity. Open Technology Group (OTG) has specialized in providing powerful document imaging and document management solutions to its customers in Florida and the Southeast. As an Authorized Reseller and ValueNET Partner with the FileNET Corporation, Open Technology Group is able to provide world-class solutions from the leader in the document management industry. Our skilled staff of systems engineers have all been fully trained and certified by the FileNET Corporation. Our engineers guide you through every stage in your imaging project and provide knowledgeable technical support for your solution. OTG Engineers can even enable your existing system with FileNET's document management system to provide instant access to all related documents. To provide complete solutions for our clients, Open Technology Group also maintains a full Service Bureau to aid our clients in the conversion of their paper records, microfilm/microfiche documents, and engineering drawings. Open Technology Group and FileNET- A proven team providing the best in document imaging and document management solutions.
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