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Watermark & Content Search
Document Strategies' mission is to provide cost effective enterprise-wide access to paper based documents. Operating on all Windows based networks, DSI delivers the best of breed in virtually every imaging category-offering instant productivity, enterprise-wide access, low cost of ownership and the ability to manage unlimited amounts of data with ease.

Once the words are located, they are relevancy ranked, highlighted in color and the relevent documents are presented in a list. With a simple double click the original image can be launched using DSI file viewers. The user can then annotate, highlight, or tag the image and send it on to colleagues via fax, email, or across the network/intranet.

Document Strategies semantic searching allows a query to be expanded to include all possible word relationships. A search on the word 'contract' would also return documents that contain the words 'agreement', 'pledge' or 'transaction'. The DSI Thesaurus Matching Server can cross-link a document database with over 80,000 thesaurus links. Everyone from entry-level clerks to departments with hundreds of users can use this technology to act as an agent in the search process.

No longer do users have to generate multiple queries or spend needless hours cleaning up OCR mistakes from documents that need to be indexed by isolated linguistic based technologies. A search on the word 'contract' would also return documents that contain the OCR mistakes 'agremmenttt', 'pledjje', or traansacti#^on'. With DSI Search, the user can accept more information from more sources, then efficiently and accurately process the documents with a minimum effort, saving valuable time and money.

Putting Documents To Works