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SpatialENTERPRISE is a powerful new tool that integrates spatial data, document management, workflow, and customized business processes.  The underlying technology is built on reusable components, and embraces the latest, proven technologies from FileNET, Intergraph, ESRI, and Microsoft. 
SpatialENTERPRISE integrates document management technology from FileNET with the powerful GIS & CAD applications available from vendors such as Intergraph and ESRI to create one integrated information management solution. Using SpatialENTERPRISE users can link points on a map or a drawing with relating documents stored in the Panagon Document Management system. When a user clicks on a point a list of related documents appears in a separate window. The user can click on the document they want to see to get a quick view or they can
select to open the document in an image viewer for a more detailed look. This solution is bi-directional meaning that the user can then choose to locate all of the points on that drawing or map to which the document relates.
An easy-to-use wizard allows you to relate spatial features to documents, Access Forms, Crystal Reports, and business process forms and reports.
Spatial Enterprise functionality:

View a list of documents attached to a spatial feature

Attach documents to one or multiple spatial features

Launch external programs and pass information about the selected spatial feature

Locate spatial features attached to a document

Integrated document management features

With Watermark Client, managing your work-and your documents-has never been easier.

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